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Stu & Arnold

Hello, I'm Stu Arnold

I am Stu Arnold aka the "Terminator UK" and this is my story on how I became the tribute act to my favorite movie character and actor of "The Terminator" ...

As a child, I would always mimic my favourite movie characters' voices and quotes to entertain my friends at school and as I got older in my teenage years, I saw "Terminator 2" and "Commando", from there on I was hooked, an instant fan!!

My Back Story ...

In 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger had a change from the action movies and became "Mr. Kimble" in the hit Ivan Reitman movie "Kindergarten Cop".  Whilst driving to work one morning, I heard Arnold talking on the radio speaking about his experience working with the kids in which he said had been a great JOY and me being me, I repeated his way of saying the word CHOY and that was my earliest memory of mimicking him.

I used to make my buddies a laugh and we would have days out and visit Planet Hollywood during the 90s and because my surname was Arnold, I'd do the voice and the Staff would find it amusing and announce “Table for Arnold!" and for many years thereafter became a bit of fun, a party piece.

This was something I'd do at comic cons. if I met a famous Arnie co-star I would see what they made of my impression and always had a good outcome, with this in mind I saw that Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) the leading lady of the terminator franchise was visiting an event in the UK, I knew if I met her, she would also be impressed.

That day was the day it all started, I was wearing a black leather jacket and jeans, site boots, and a cheap Arnie mask I got in America. I walked around all day being a "Terminator" in my cheap cosplay and then it happened, Linda was outside so I approached her, and she smiled and said "Hello".

"Sarah Connor, come with me if you want to live" - I delivered the perfect pitch Arnie voice at which, she looked at the camera filming me and said “Good Voice, Good Voice!“. She then asked me my name and I told her it was "Arnold" to which she replied, "You were born for this!".

I took this encounter and the subsequent chat I had with her, as a catalyst to develop something more so I entered the "Britain’s Got Talent" show which was an amazing experience, however, it was never mentioned that of Linda Hamilton’s encouragement which for me was disappointing. In the years that passed, I continued to update the prosthetic terminator mask and carried on using the TV fame I had gained to do events such as  Cancer Charities and other good causes.

- The Big Opportunity -

When I heard that Arnold Schwarzenegger was coming to the UK for an event, I quickly got in touch with the organisers explaining my act that of my impersonation of "The Terminator". They asked me to attend the event which turned out to be the first real "official" gig. Thankfully, it went great, my portrayal was very well received by all, including Arnie, and continued to do these events for 5 years.

I was, to put in mildly, "overjoyed in 2019" to get a personal invite to the "green room" to meet with Arnold and do an impression of his character "upfront and personal" so upon completing my act (felt like an audition) he said "Unbelievable!"  - it was for me, at that moment, a dream come true!

In October 2021 I will be the "Official Terminator" at the Arnold Sports Festival uk and hope that I get another chance as a terminator to say hello to my inspiration and hero - Arnold Schwarzenegger. For me, the greatest feeling is making another person smile and experience the terminator who is funny, cheerful positive, and always happy to pose for photo shots and selfies.

- My Work - 

Both "The Terminator" and "Arnold Schwarzenegger" are universally loved, the events are an experience for his fans which I have played my part as the "warmup act" and "meet and greet" and "interactive character". Yes, for me, this is fantastic fun as I talk like Arnold and act like him where everyone I meet, leaves with a huge smile!

Video production has become a big thing since the pandemic and so my work on the Cameo Platform has seen me doing videos for clients globally. They send me a request on my website, I then contact them to find out more about the person, I then set out to plan and create a personalised movie with the information and photos provided,

The videos regularly get 5-star feedback and yes, something I am very proud of :-)

- Gig History -

  • 2014 - An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Leeds as the Terminator UK

  • 2016 - An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Edinburgh and Birmingham    as the Terminator UK

  • 2017 - An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Leeds and Birmingham as the Terminator UK

  • 2019 - An Experience with Arnold Schwarzenegger
    ICC Wales as the Terminator UK

  • 2021 - Arnold Sports Festival UK
    NEC Birmingham  as the TerminatorUK

So as a move along my journey and as I continue to perfect my act, I truly hope and wish that those whom I meet as "The Terminator", will be left with a positive, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience!

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