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Stu Arnolds 5 Star Cameo Reviews

"I love what I do bringing joy and happiness into people's lives making their events a truly memorable and special occasion ..."

Stu :-)


"This is Arnold! Best video ever!"

"Stu Arnold is the real deal"

"He made my 8 year old's birthday extra special!"

"Took the time to capture every detail, his script was spot on!"

"He loves what he does, shows through his performance!"

"The accent was priceless!"

"His impression of Arnold was just pitch-perfect!"

"Wow! I felt like I actually met Arnold!"

"A big thank you to Stu for bringing me closer to my idol!"

"Stu, you're the best!"

"Keep living the dream for all of us!"

"Entertained our guests at the best New Year's Eve wedding ever"

"Everyone loved it!"

"Beyond amazing!"

"Takes the time to get the details right for your event!"

"Goes above and beyond to personalize it."

"I will definitely recommend Stu-Arnold to all my friends!"

"I can't wait to give the video to my husband on his birthday!"

"Please book him, you would love it!"

"How is it possible that he sounds like the real deal?!"

"Beyond amazing!"

"I will recommend Stu Arnold to all my friends and family"

"WOW, just wow!"

"His booking ensured a great night was had by all"

"Take our word for it and book him now, he's the man!"

"How the heck does he do that?!"


"We had Stuart for our Experience with the real Arnold Schwarzenegger in Leeds in 2014 and he was fantastic, so when we brought Arnold back for 2 dates in Edinburgh and Birmingham we knew we had to use Stuart again"

"He is fantastic at what he does and a true professional, it's just amazing how much he sounds and looks like Arnold with the costume on, it was great to see him bring so much joy to our guests."

"We'rere looking forward to working with him again when we Bring Arnold back again. We highly recommend you use Stuart for any of your functions." - Stephen Olexy, Managing Director, the Arnold Sports Festival UK


Have an event planned such as a Wedding, Birthday Party or Corporate, leave your guests with an outstanding memory, invite The Terminator!

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